Can you Use Coffee Filters in an Air fryer?

If you have mixed opinions on using coffee filters in an air fryer, then you have come to the post where I will answer everything you should know about using coffee filters.

There are many reasons why I would not recommend using coffee filters in air fryers, but the one that tops the list is that they are very thin paper and can stick to anything.

You can use one tip with coffee filters and air fryers, but I will discuss that later in this post.

If I had to give my opinion, I would say stay away from coffee filters as they can get very messy and there are so many better reusable alternatives out there that you will not need to waste coffee filters just to cook in an air fryer.

Can you use Coffee Filters in an Air Fryer?

No. You cannot use coffee filters in an air fryer. Coffee filters are just thin papers, and using them in an air fryer can mean you are blocking the airflow of the air fryer to cook evenly.

This can also happen in the case of parchment paper, and to solve that problem, we use perforated parchment paper to regulate the airflow in the air fryer.

Another reason is that coffee filters cannot withstand the high heat inside the air fryer. Filter paper, in general, is flammable at high temperatures, so I wouldn’t recommend using a coffee filter inside an air fryer.

The coffee filter is similar to tissue, maybe a little thicker, so if it comes close to sparks or the heating element of the air fryer, it will catch fire.

To avoid a fire hazard, it would be best not to use coffee filters in the air fryer, especially when you have SO many better options to use inside an air fryer.

Do you need liners for an air fryer?

You do not NEED liners in an air fryer, but it would be NICE to use one. I would say it would be best if you use air fryer liners as they make cleaning up after so easy.

I use them a lot, especially while cooking anything that is greasy and can get messy in the air fryer.

You can easily get air fryer liners at Walmart. However, if you want to get it online, Amazon can be your friend. However, I suggest using parchment paper liners in the air fryer instead of coffee filters.

If you are looking for the best air fryer liner, get the reusable silicone liner from Amazon that you can clean and reuse after each cooking session.

Can you put liners in the air fryer?

Yes, you can. Make sure they are not flammable.

I usually use parchment paper liners while cooking anything oily or greasy inside the air fryer.

What is a coffee filter?

A coffee filter is a thin permeable paper that filters hot coffee and separates the coffee from the coffee powder.

A coffee filter can easily stand boiling hot coffee, but ovens run a higher temperature, and it is not made to stand high temperatures.

It would be best not to use coffee filters in the air fryers as there are so many other better alternatives than this.

If you have run out of parchment paper, maybe use aluminum foil or anything that is oven safe to hold your dish rather than using something as delicate as a coffee filter.

Coffee filters are not flammable when you pour hot coffee on them, but one cannot guarantee the same if you use them to line air fryers.

These days we have metal and cloth coffee filters, too; in this post, I specifically talk about the paper coffee filter and whether you can use it in the air fryer.

Can you use Coffee filters instead of Parchment Paper

NOPE, I do not see why anyone in their right mind would interchange coffee filters with parchment paper when cooking with an air fryer.

You see, context matters here; if you ask me if I can use parchment paper to filter my coffee, I would say— you should be fined for suggesting this blasphemy.

Because parchment paper cannot replace a coffee filter just because of how it is made, the same goes the other way round.

Parchment paper has a non-stick coating, whereas a coffee filter is just paper. So, if you plan on using a coffee filter as a liner, you can expect your food to have some paper strands stuck to it.

Yep, this is possible, so I will never understand why anyone in their right mind would use it in an air fryer.

I get it. You have a greasy pizza in front of you, and you use one or three coffee filters stacked together to soak off all that grease.

Yes, here, the coffee filter does make itself useful for something apart from just filtering coffee.

However, it will not be my first choice or the last when lining my air fryer.

Coffee Filter for baking in an Air fryer?

Nope, again. You cannot use coffee filter for baking, even though I know you may have read other blogs saying you can use it for baked goods but hear me out on this one.

You cannot use a coffee filter for baking or pouring in the batter because it is a permeable paper; I mean, that is why anyone uses it for filtering coffee, so it can let the coffee pass through it.

So, why would it not let the cupcake batter spill through it?

A coffee filter should never be used as a cupcake liner or for making anything in the air fryer. You should not even use it in the oven for baking. Period.

Parchment paper cupcake liners work because they are easy to remove due to their nonstick quality and heat resistance.

Coffee filters are non-stick and wouldn’t survive high heat, so why would anyone recommend them on their blog? I would never know.

Coffee filters are neither, so I would say save the filters just for coffee. DO NOT use them anywhere near baking.

Best Liners for Air fryer

Oh, here we are again, going right at it. Usually, parchment papers are used as air fryer liners and do their job well; why you ask?

I would love to repeat it; parchment papers have a nonstick coating that helps the food not to stick to them, heat resistance that makes them indestructible, and most of all, makes the cleaning process more manageable.

Using perforated parchment paper liners makes your cleanup a thousand times easier.

The parchment paper acts as a barrier between the air fryer’s nonstick surface and your food which means less food and grease sticking on the air fryer basket and very few drippings.

Coffee filters soak oil and grease well but are relatively thinner and not heat resistant.

You might not get the same results as with the parchment just because of the nature of how the coffee filter is made.

What can you use to line an air fryer?

If it wasn’t clear up until now, parchment paper is safe to use in the air fryer, but it would be unfair, not to mention a few other fantastic ways to line your air fryer.

So let’s look at the other options that you can use to line your air fryer.

1. Reusable Silicone Liners

2. Perforated Parchment Paper

3. Aluminum Foil(poke holes in them or leave space around edges)

4. Oven-safe cookware

What can you not use in an air fryer?

1. Paper towels

2. Tissues

3. Wax paper

4. Coffee Filter

If you are new to air frying, it can be a little bit tricky as to what is the best way to cook in the air fryer and what is air fryer-safe materials.

Just know that anything that cannot be used in the oven cannot be used in the air fryer.

Although I always recommend checking a few blog posts online and finding the best blog to trust.

I do not go with my information without my experience and proper research. Of course, I won’t use coffee filter paper in my air fryer and wait for a hazard to happen to write a blog post on it.

When you do enough research and understand the science behind cooking, it is easier to make a clear judgment for yourself. I recommend you do the same.

If you’re looking for more resources on the blog and if this is your first time cooking in the air fryer, then make sure to read through the resources below!

Using a coffee filter in an air fryer has mixed opinions online, but I do not understand why anyone would recommend using it.

If you are cooking in the air fryer, it is best to stay away from coffee filters for one obvious reason- they are not meant for air fryer cooking.

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