Can you put an air fryer on a wooden surface?-4 Alternatives

If you’ve got a new air fryer and want to knowcan you put an air fryer on a wooden surface without causing any damage, this is the right post for you!

Air fryers are relatively new kitchen appliances, and the do’s and don’ts with these powerhouses differ from traditional ovens.

It is also important to avoid permanently getting any marks or damage on your kitchen countertop, so it is better to know if placing something like an air fryer on top is safe.

Can you put air fryer on a wooden surface

Air fryers get hot and come into contact with the countertop, so having a heat-resistant countertop is essential!

Understanding where you should place an air fryer and how to maintain it can set you up for success regarding the durability and longevity of an air fryer and your countertop.

Can you put an air fryer on a wooden surface?

No. You cannot put an air fryer directly on a wooden surface. However, most modern-day wooden countertops are moderately heat resistant.

So, what is the problem?

Well, prolonged usage of the air fryer on a wooden countertop could damage your countertop, causing stains due to high heat or even damage the structure of the countertop.

This isn’t worth it for an air fryer since countertops are expensive. So, it is better to use an additional barrier between the air fryer and a wooden kitchen countertop.

I recommend using a heat-resistant mat on your kitchen countertop and placing the air fryer on top of it.

What is the worst that can happen if you put your air fryer on a wooden countertop?

I have read a few comments saying they can crack or even change the countertop’s shape, and that’s a stretch.

It would not ruin your countertop to THAT extent, but over time, yes, there could be some minor damages.

Make sure there is a couple of inches of distance between the vent of the air fryer and the wall. This is important as the vent area, which is at the back of the air fryer, heats up more than the bottom.

What surface can I put my air fryer on?

Kitchen countertops are often made with wood, quartz, stainless steel, marble, etc.

My kitchen has a granite countertop, and they are the best for handling appliances like air fryers. Granite is durable and can withstand heat up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

There are kitchen countertops that are heat resistant and not heat proof., It would help if you had a countertop that would not get damaged by the heat to use appliances like an air fryer on top of it.

A granite countertop or concrete, stainless steel, or even ceramic tiles are the best; however, different materials have different heat tolerance, and you should check that before permanently making a place for your air fryer.

What should I put under my Air fryer?

If, for some reason, you HAVE to place your air fryer on a wooden countertop, then consider these items to place under the air fryer so it is not in direct contact with the wooden countertop.

1. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are heat resistant and can tolerate temperatures up to 1600°C. If your kitchen countertop is made of ceramic tiles, you can place your air fryer directly on top of it.

But if the countertop is made of wood, you can place a ceramic tile on the wooden countertop and then place your air fryer on top of it.

This way, the ceramic tile will be a barrier to protect the wooden countertop.

2. Heat Resistant Mats

Another great alternative is to get a heat-resistant mat and use this as a barrier between your wooden countertop and the air fryer.

There are perfect heat-resistant mats on Amazon, and they work best, but the only downside is that you cannot clean them in the dishwasher, and you are supposed to wipe them with a wet cloth.

If you like it clean all the time, get these silicone heat-resistant mats; they are another great alternative.

Make sure the recommended mats are large enough to fit the air fryer. The ones I mentioned in this post are big enough.

3. Wooden boards

This is ironic, now isn’t it? But yes, wooden boards can also act as a barrier and take all the damage from the air fryer heat rather than passing it along to the wooden countertop.

This way, you would protect your wooden countertop, and the board could also blend in well with the countertop, making it aesthetically pleasing.

4. Cooking Racks

Another great way to protect your wooden countertop is to use cooking racks; this would create a distance from the wooden countertop and provide a safe space for your air fryer.

Will An Air Fryer Damage A Quartz Countertop?

Quartz countertop is better at handling heat. However, extremely hot pans and utensils can sometimes cause discoloration.

Quartz can handle temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, but above that, there could be some discoloration of the countertop. Also, this temperature varies depending on the quality of quartz used.

It all depends on the location of the air fryer vent. If the air fryer vent is at the bottom, then you better use the best heat-protectant mat.

But if it’s at the back of the air fryer, there should be no issues as long as there is a 5-inch gap between the vent and the wall.

Is it safe to put an air fryer under the cabinet?

Can you place your air fryer in a cabinet, if not the countertop?

Well, it depends. If your cabinet has proper ventilation, then yes. However, if you use your air fryer regularly, I recommend placing it in an open space.

Be careful about using it in a cabinet as it could overheat the surfaces without proper ventilation and be a fire hazard.

It’s just something to be careful and mindful about.

If you are new to air fryers,, then you should understand how your air fryer can replace your microwave if you use it correctly!

Also, a bunch of other resources that are crucial for any beginner who is trying to get into air frying.

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